We are all aware of the growing threat posed by online criminals, malware and ransomware attacks however many businesses are unprepared. Stephen Martin, Director General of the Institute of Directors, said "Now is the time for firms to test their defences and make sure that all employees have the right skills and knowledge on Cyber Security. This isn't an IT issue, its a business survival issue."

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Identifying and reducing risk

Protech Comms can help your business to understand and identify the types of cyber risk you face. Understanding risk is a first, essential step in building defences against common cyber attacks. Often businesses are unaware of vulnerabilities until it is too late. Protech Comms takes a business-wide approach to audit current systems and processes and makes suggestions on how they can be improved to reduce cyber-risk.
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Management controls and visibility

Often, business management is only aware of issues after the worst has happened. Protech Comms can help your executive team to gain visibility over your IT systems, corporate network, computers and mobile devices in a way that they can clearly understand. By bringing cyber-security into the business in this way, management understands potential risks and can take corrective action to avoid costly issues.
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Proactive patching and vulnerability management

Malware attacks can often be stopped by proper maintenance and patching. Recent high-profile cases such as the WannaCry attack on the NHS have highlighted the importance of regular patching and updates. However, many businesses are unable to keep up with the quickening pace of security updates. With Protech Comms, we actively monitor vulnerabilities and proactively patch systems to ensure that your company has the best possible defence against Malware attacks.

People are your greatest strength.

Some IT departments view people as a company's greatest vulnerability. However, with the correct training and information, your staff can become a great asset in your fight against Cybercrime. By providing awareness training and the right tools, Protech Comms can help your team build resilience and become a real asset in the battle against Cyberattacks.

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Protech Comms is a trusted IT solutions provider, providing managed services that support your business objectives. Founded in 2006, we are a team of certified engineers who provide guidance & advice as well as technical expertise. We provide businesses with the managed IT systems they need for long-term and sustainable success.

Network optimisation

Network optimisation

Efficient network systems increase performance and enable business growth. With Protech Comms network management you can concentrate on scaling your business.



Effective communication is at the heart of every successful business. Protech Comms helps businesses connect with customers across the World.



Proactive monitoring of your business IT assets reduces unexpected downtime, improves business continuity and extends the lifespan of critical systems.



Demonstrating your business competence through standards based compliance can be an important tool for growth. Protech Comms can help you every step of the way. 

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