Stable and reliable network systems are vital for the operation of modern businesses. They give your team the information and tools they need to work independently and effectively. Unfortunately, many office networks are slow, difficult to manage and unreliable. The day the office network goes down is bad for everyone, but there is another way.

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Improving network performance

Protech Comms' team of experienced technicians can improve your business network performance so that no one is left waiting to do their job. Network resources like shared drives, printers and connected devices are quick and easily accessible. Systems are reliable, even on your busiest days and so managers can get on with their job of running the business, not the business network.
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Optimisation for business growth

Successful growth often puts a strain on business processes and the office network can quickly become unmanageable. Protech Comms helps business to prepare for growth by proactively optimising network performance. Whether this growth is in new office staff, remote workers accessing the network via VPN or facilities such as new tills and devices, Protech network optimisation gives your business the tools for successful growth.
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Five nines resilience

99.999% uptime is more than a number. It's the confidence businesses need to make strategic decisions that bring growth and revenue. It's the knowledge that with Protech Comms, we've got your IT systems and network covered. With a guaranteed less than 5 minutes downtime per year, your business will have the networked systems you need to succeed.
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Monitoring and proactive patching

Malware attacks are prevented with proper maintenance and patching. Recent high-profile cases such as the WannaCry attack on the NHS have highlighted the importance of regular patching and updates. However, many businesses are unable to keep up with the quickening pace of security updates. With Protech Comms, we actively monitor vulnerabilities and proactively patch systems to ensure that your company has the best possible defence against Malware attacks.

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Our other services

Protech Comms is a trusted IT solutions provider, providing managed services that support your business objectives. Founded in 2006, we are a team of certified engineers who provide guidance & advice as well as technical expertise. We provide businesses with the managed IT systems they need for long-term and sustainable success.



From network infrastructure to mobile devices, Protech Comms protects your business and reputation against growing cyber threats.



Effective communication is at the heart of every successful business. Protech Comms helps businesses connect with customers across the World.



Proactive monitoring of your business IT assets reduces unexpected downtime, improves business continuity and extends the lifespan of critical systems.



Demonstrating your business competence through standards based compliance can be an important tool for growth. Protech Comms can help you every step of the way. 

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