We’ll help you prove the rigour of your systems and show competence using internationally recognised standards. It’s a great way to give your business an advantage over the competition.

Cyber essentials

Protech can help your business through the Cyber Essentials process. Launched in 2014, Cyber Essentials provides a clear guide for the necessary controls that all companies should achieve to prevent common cyberattacks. We have already attained the Cyber Essentials standard and can help your business to do the same. Giving your business resistance to cyberattack and demonstrating to your customers and suppliers, that you take cybersecurity seriously.

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ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 standard helps your organisation to keep information assets secure. Through attaining this standard, you reassure customers and partners your business follows best practice and demonstrates your commitment to protecting sensitive commercial or personal information. ISO 27001 can be an essential tool in retaining key customers as well as winning new business in a world increasingly dependent on effective data management.


PCI DSS is the worldwide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It helps businesses to process customer card payments securely and enforces tight controls around the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data to reduce fraud and potential data breaches. Protech can help your business to implement the various controls required by the standard, from maintaining a secure network and reliable access control measures through to a complete vulnerability management program; Protech is the perfect partner for PCI DSS compliance.

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Certified DPO

With the Data Protection Act (2018), also known as GDPR, companies have a responsibility to protect personal information. GDPR also imposes specific obligations on public authorities, organisations who process large amounts of data or retain information on children need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO has specific responsibilities for data protection issues in the workplace and requires specialised training for the role. Protech can assist your business by acting as your outsourced, certified DPO. Ensuring that your company has the systems and processes in place to protect personal information and leaving your management team to concentrate on growing the business.