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Are You Ready for A Second Lockdown? How to Audit Your Working from Home Set Up

It’s fair to say, nobody wants a second nationwide lockdown.

It would present a huge challenge to every business, big and small.

But the fact of the matter is, the coronavirus pandemic is still not under control…

And it’s very possible that as we head into the colder months, the virus could take hold again.

When that happened earlier this year, the lockdown was an unprecedented shock to the system.

No one was truly prepared for what it meant and as thousands of people were forced to work from home…many businesses were unsure of how to handle the situation.

It was a particularly big challenge when it came to IT.

Members of staff who had never had the need—or the desire—to work from home before were forced to do so.

It meant they had to use their computers and laptops in a whole different way than what they were used to.

Meetings moved online, conversations happened almost entirely on email and documents were passed not from person to person but transferred over the internet.

For many, it was difficult to adjust.

Indeed, an entire generation of less computer-savvy people found it extremely difficult, and still do.

We found, thankfully, that many of our clients were more prepared than most.

Long before the lockdown, we had been helping business become more agile when it comes to IT and the shift wasn’t so drastic.

To talk about how we could help you make your business more adaptable to more staff working from home, you can call us direct on 01205 205250 or email to sales@protech-comms.co.uk.

Indeed, this time around, we want to make sure more people are prepared.

This way, if there is a second nationwide lockdown, or if your business is affected by the pandemic and you need to make sure people can work from home again…

It won’t be as big an upheaval as it was last time.

Five things you can do to make sure your business is prepared for people to work from home again

Getting your business prepared for more members of staff working from home doesn’t need to be a major stress.

In fact, it can be quite straight-forward.

You just need to follow these simple steps…

  1. Check all staff who need a laptop or computer at home have one

It seems like such an obvious thing these days and we often assume everyone has a personal computer at home that’s fit for purpose. But in reality, that just isn’t the case. If you haven’t already done this, survey your staff to see what kind of equipment they have at home and think about providing work laptops where required.

  1. Check all staff have the necessary software to do their job

Again, this is something we tend to take for granted, but even if someone has a computer or laptop at home, it might not be equipped with the right software or have the power and memory to deal with certain applications they might need to do their job. It’s important to establish the capabilities of the equipment people will be using.

  1. Consider and establish the security of machines being used offsite

With more people working from home and potentially connecting through unsecure channels, there is a much higher risk of cyber security breaches to your business. There is software available which you can install on staff machines to protect them, but for this reason it’s also sensible to consider providing your own machines exclusively for business use.

  1. Make sure you set up effective communication channels between the team

When working from home, communication between staff is key. It’s important, even when meetings might not seem necessary, you still keep a clear and constant line to everyone in the business. For advice on how to do so, you should read our blog on the subject here.

  1. Consider the mental health of staff and put video support in place

Working from home presents a whole different set of problems for a business when it comes to mental health. Staff can quickly feel isolated, unsupported or out of the loop and this can soon become a serious problem. Don’t just take it for granted that setting up good communication channels will solve this – make sure you set aside regular time to talk to your staff to see how they’re managing at home.

As you can see, these five steps are pretty simple to follow.

But they can make a big difference.

And, though there may be some cost in regard to the equipment and software you’ll need to arrange, taking these steps ahead of a second possible lockdown will save you a lot of time, cost and worry in the long term.

Need help? Get in touch

It might be you’ve already done some groundwork following the last lockdown, which is great.

But we’ve also spoken to many businesses who are still trying to adjust to the new way many people are working, especially when it comes to dealing with IT.

If you’re finding your business is still struggling when it comes to putting in place the technology provisions for members of staff working from home…

Get in touch with us here at Protech Comms.

As we pointed out before, we’ve been working with our clients long before the pandemic broke out to put in place more agile information technology that allows businesses to be flexible and quickly adapt to changing situations.

From setting up file sharing software to installing video and conference calling programs, we can help get everything you need set up for staff in the office or at home.

So, if you need support with regards to your IT needs because you’re worried about a second lockdown coming into force in your area…

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can call direct or email direct on 01205 205250 and sales@protech-comms.co.uk or you can just hit the button below.

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