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How to Keep Your IT Downtime to a Minimum (and our Five 9s Uptime Guarantee)

Sorry, the servers are down again.

Ugh. It’s the last thing you ever want to hear, especially in a business world that so heavily relies on IT.

But it’s a problem so many businesses face far too often.

We’ve even heard horror stories of some companies facing dreaded downtime at some point every day. It’s not good.

Sadly, you might have been told it’s just something that happens. That it’s an unavoidable part of your IT systems.

This is nonsense. The fact is there is no reason for you to suffer from long periods of downtime on a regular basis.

In fact, it’s possible – with the right systems and checks in place – to keep your IT downtime to an absolute minimum.

We’ll explain how in a moment, but first, let’s remind ourselves why your business should swerve server downtime as much as possible.

The risks of downtime

Most fundamentally, when the servers are down again, or your IT systems go into ‘computer says no’ mode…

You risk leaving money on the table.

If your business and staff are unable to operate because something’s gone wrong that only the IT folks can fix, it leaves you open to the possibility of hours off-grid. Potentially, even longer.

You don’t need us to tell you anything impacting the bottom line is important. And it’s why keeping IT and server downtime down to a minimum is essential in the modern workplace.

There’s also the risk that when servers go down or computers fail, you could lose important work and documents stored on them. This is especially the case if things haven’t been backed-up correctly.

Not only then is the risk of downtime damaging in the short term, it can potentially have long term effects on your business.

In fact, on that front, a third worry you face when it comes to even the shortest period of downtime is the increased threat of a cyberattack.

If the cybersecurity measures you have in place aren’t adequate to operate when the servers are down, or there’s a general IT problem that needs fixing, it’s the ideal opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage.

(You can read more about cybercrime in our article on it here. )

So, what’s to be done?

How can you keep downtime to a minimum and avoid running these risks to your business?

Top tips for keeping downtime down

The first thing you should do is set up quick-reacting reporting tools for your servers and any other elements of your IT set-up that could impact productivity if down for too long.

This will make sure that at least if there is a problem, you’ll know ASAP and can do something about it.

The vast majority of reporting tools available have the option for you or a member of staff to be alerted by email, phone or text.

Indeed, bear in mind if the IT problem you’re facing knocks out your email, you need to find another way to be alerted.

Secondly, you should make sure you have a regular back-up process in place.

This will help on two fronts:

  • One, it makes sure if there is a more fundamental problem with your IT systems and servers, you won’t lose everything and can resort to a previous back up.
  • Two, it allows you to simultaneously update any software that might need sorting and keep things as ‘clean’ as possible, which, in turn, will help with the smoother running of servers and avoid a blip.

Finally, and especially for larger servers, you should make sure they’re stored in a cool environment.

It seems almost old fashioned, but the fact is, IT hardware can soon generate a great amount of heat, which puts it at more risk of a fault.

These are all simple things you can do to help keep your IT downtime to a minimum.

But if you’d like some help doing so – and you really want to almost completely eliminate the disaster of downtime – you should have a chat with us here at Protech about our Five 9s Guarantee.

What is our Five 9s guarantee?

When you work with us here at Protech and let us take care of your IT systems, we make a simple promise to you.

We call it our Five 9s Guarantee.

The reason is simple.

Not only do we put in place all the checks and processes to make sure you’re IT downtime is minimal…

We guarantee you’ll have 99.999% uptime.

Yes. That’s a pretty efficient percentage. And that’s what you’ll enjoy if you decide to partner with us here at Protech.

Our team of IT experts will work with you to assess the systems and servers you currently have in place and talk you through what’s needed to get you running at 99.999% uptime.

To find out more and see how we can support your IT needs in so many other ways, get in touch.

You can call direct or email direct on 01205 205250 and or you can just hit the button below.

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